An invitation to Integrity and Clarity

Executive Search doesn’t have to be all smoke and mirrors, in fact it shouldn’t be.

Our mission on your behalf is simple. We aim to help you identify, attract, integrate and augment the best talent to enable your business to grow. The integrity and clarity you will experience working with us, is what separates us from our competition.


One of the biggest growth inhibitors facing organisations is the ability to identify and attract the best talent. With the business world becoming ever more challenging, it is vital that you stay ahead of your competitors by having a stronger talent pool.

With over 40 years combined experience, our search team has the track record to ensure you succeed. We have placed and on-boarded hundreds of executives over the years, many of them now main board directors in FTSE 100 organisations.


Finding the right solution for you is our primary goal. Our role is to ensure your expectations are both managed and exceeded in the most timely and cost effective manner.

A poor appointment into your senior management team can be catastrophic and we take our responsibility both seriously and personally.

Our in-house research team will leave no stone unturned in order to ensure we have exhausted all options and have identified the best person for the role.

Competency Assessment

It is vital to us to ensure that the candidates we present to you deliver to your highest expectation and don’t just succeed in getting through an interview process.

We have an in-house assessment and testing centre that will ensure our candidates have all of the competencies and capabilities you require, giving you added confidence in your eventual appointment.

Talent Pipeline

Every company has a strategic plan and most involve growth. Where some of these plans falter is when the organisation is overly reactive in resourcing its growth.

Starting the hunt for an individual when the growth curve is upon you is a folly that may hold you back. We take time to understand your strategy and engage with it.

Our pro-active approach ensures that when we spot talent that matches your future needs, you don’t miss out.


Integrating newly promoted or acquired leaders into a new role comes with its challenges. Communication lines are fundamental to success and taking a systematic approach to building these lines with key stakeholders is crucial.

Our dedicated professionals are here to not only facilitate the placement of your new executive, but to help accelerate their contribution to your organization.

On boarding

Our on boarding programs focus upon giving the candidate the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to reach optimum effectiveness in the shortest possible timeframe.

Extensive research has shown that a structured on-boarding programme leads to stronger performance and greater organisational commitment in a time efficient manner.


Development is the lifeblood of talented teams, augmenting organisational performance and improving retention. A well-orchestrated development process leads to tangible individual and team performance improvement as well as increased job satisfaction.

Development doesn’t just occur; the best organisations plan, implement and review success. If your organisation needs retention or progression planning advice, we can help.

Executive Coaching

Talented people sometimes hold all the answers within and don’t realise it. Introspection is often difficult without guidance but finding solutions can sometimes be easier than you imagine.

Executive coaching is a great way of helping you find answers that are based on your values and your point of view. Coaching sessions can apply to teams as equally as individuals and have been found to greatly improve leadership and communication ability.


How effective is your management team? Are there any conditions that exist in the team that are holding you back? Is there conflict and if so, how do you handle it?

Sometimes a group of highly talented individuals struggle to gel as an effective team. Having the right blend of skills, processes and self-awareness will ensure that you play to your strengths in order to achieve your goals.

Performance Management

Performance management is a vital process for organisational success. If it is done well, performance management continually improves results, increases employee engagement, and becomes culturally embedded in the organisation.

In order for performance management to be truly successful, we must first understand what “excellence” looks like and how is it achieved? What does and doesn’t work for our people and how do we measure improvement?

Leadership Impact Reviews

Do you fully understand how your management style plays a role in productivity and management effectiveness? How does your self perception compare to how your management colleagues view you?

These reviews can provide a critical path for leadership development and identifying a direction for change.

Career Support and Outplacement

Executives spend so much time developing others and managing the careers of their teams but often spend less time managing their own. GRG Exec can help you to ensure that you have a defined career plan that can be followed easily to enable you to stay on track.

Equally you may be moving on from your organisation and need help to guarantee you are competitive in today’s demanding job market.

GRG Outplacement was formed by HR and recruitment professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the modern executive job market. We offer structured advice on how to effectively sell your skills and gain maximum traction in a market that can sometimes seem like a lot of white noise.

Our outplacement offering is individually tailored to your needs with complete flexibility and can include:

  • CV writing or review
  • Identification of career options
  • Job market research
  • Identification of and contact with relevant executive search and selection consultants and advice on how they are sourcing candidates
  • Identifying potential employers and how to approach them
  • Coaching on appropriate networking and developing a personal contact plan
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Practice interviews – panel, one-to-one, competency and telephone interviews
  • Preparing for an assessment centre
  • Psychometric and/or diagnostic exercises and preparation
  • Guidance on using networking sites to your advantage, managing the interview process from initial meeting to offer
  • Evaluation of offers with guidance on the negotiation of salary, terms and conditions
  • Transition into your new role – coaching for success


Ensuring a valued team is appropriately rewarded is a key ingredient for optimum performance, talent attraction and retention. Sometimes it is necessary to re-align the organisation’s compensation programme as changes happen.

This is an area that is becoming all the more critical as shareholders start to have a say on executive pay.

Compensation & Benefits

In an era where the fight for top talent becomes more frantic and shareholders demand greater transparency over executive pay, senior management teams need strategic advice to ensure their compensation schemes remain competitive and motivational.

Are your directors adequately knowledgeable regarding compensation & rewards? Is your rewards programme adequately linked to company performance? Is it aligned to your short and long term strategic goals? Is your pension scheme right for the future of your business and your employees?

Employee Engagement

How engaged are your employees with your organisation?

Even in the largest organisations it is important for employees to feel personally connected to the business; this is what will drive them to commit to more than their job description would suggest. How do you make people feel that they are critical to organisational success? What are the best ways to ensure our top talent remains engaged?


It is no cliché, good people are an organisation’s most critical and important asset. They are the fundamental difference between a successful and failing business.

Research has shown that most people don’t leave their jobs…. they leave because they are frustrated with their current situation within an organisation. Therefore it is essential for organisations to provide strong and effective management, paying particular attention to retention strategies to ensure they become an employer of choice.

Retention strategies

Retention strategies need to consider both monetary and non-monetary factors. Do we pay market rate? Do we have appropriate incentive schemes? Do we offer competitive benefits? Do we invest enough in professional development? Is our career and succession planning effective and adequate?

These are just a few areas that need to be integral to a comprehensive retention strategy that can be monitored and measured.


There is no doubt that high quality human capital is critical to an organisation’s success. However, too few companies understand or are aware of the risks facing them regarding retention. By the time they have reached the event horizon it can be too late and what follows is disarray.

Organisations need to find ways to identify dissatisfied “high potential” individuals and find inventive ways to address their concerns without creating adverse effects elsewhere.

Interim Management

Today’s business world is changing rapidly and Interim Management is now a £1bn market in the UK alone. In order to seize opportunities, speed of response is essential and how we manage change is perhaps the most vital element for business growth and in some cases survival. GRG Interim Management is a vastly networked organisation, connected to a highly talented pool of trusted and proven Interim Professionals who can help with a variety of projects.

When might I require an Interim solution?

  • To digest an acquisition
  • Business Transformation
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Managing under performance/turnarounds
  • Establishing start-ups
  • Managing closures and disposals
  • Delivery of specific programmes/projects
  • Gap management


Whatever the need, we are equipped and qualified to help with over 20 years’ experience in providing interim management solutions. Please contact us if you have an immediate requirement or are simply want some advice, we can even help you define your project.