Psychometric Testing and Personality Profiling

Saville Wave       TalentQ

We use the Saville Consulting and Talent Q tools to provide aptitude testing such as verbal and numerical reasoning, diagrammatic and abstract reasoning and spatial and mechanical testing. We can also offer Workplace English tests and combination tests of the above. We are able to offer these tests as part of a recruitment process or in high volume as a stand-alone service.

The use of personality profiling in selection processes is on the increase as organisations try to adopt a more scientific basis for their hiring decisions and also look to build competency profiles for their employees and hire new employees according to their potential rather than their past experience. Gleeson HR Services can offer full personality profiling either as part of a selection process or as a stand-alone service. The Saville Wave is an online tool completed by the candidate in around 30-40 minutes and has been proven to be the most valid predictor of work performance. The tool is designed to be highly accurate, allowing profiles to be built and strengths and development areas to be identified.

The Saville Wave or Talent Q Dimensions can be useful to:

  • Help organisations who are finding it difficult to hire the right people
  • Provide extra assistance to develop a robust assessment process
  • Provide guidance on the most appropriate interview questions to use in a selection process
  • Assist organisations to build a profile of their most successful employees to then be used in the recruitment of new staff
  • Provide coaching and identify development needs for current employees
  • Leadership development and management coaching
  • Identify how teams work together and what skills gaps could exist
  • Highlight an individual’s personality ‘type’ and therefore their preferred roles within a team or organisation

The standard Saville Wave questionnaire provides a Line Manager Report, Personal Report for the candidate and an Expert Report which is used to give feedback by our trained users. We are able to provide written reports with example interview questions or one to one feedback sessions over the telephone or face to face. The additional reports available are:

  • Interview Guide
  • Leadership Report
  • Reflections Report
  • Entrepreneurial Report
  • Team Roles
  • Development Report
  • Reflections Report
  • Job Profiler
  • Sales Report

Our team is also qualified in the use of the Talent Q psychometric tools and can administer the Dimensions personality inventory as well as the Talent Q Aptitude Tests.

Other Services

We can offer a wide range of HR services such as leadership development and coaching support as well as assistance with the design and facilitation of assessment centres.  Whether your organisation is growing or downsizing we have the skills and expertise to be able to support this and we look forward to partnering with you.  Please get in touch for further information.

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